Fables Catering & Such

Chef owned Gainesville, Florida custom catering company specializing in local sustainable food, farm to table dinners, cooking classes, weddings, business meetings, luncheons, dinners and celebrations of all kinds.

Our Story

Two Chefs Looking for Change

Fables began as an idea cooked up by Cassie Lycan and Amanda Bisson, both accomplished chefs who were fed up with the monotony and lack of passion in today's world of industrialized food. Together, they formulated a recipe for success...

Cassie and Amanda at their first event, the 2014 Swallowtail Farm Fall Festival.

Cassie and Amanda at their first event, the 2014 Swallowtail Farm Fall Festival.

Chefs and co-owners Cassie Lycan (Right) and Amanda Bisson.

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 From Their Farms to Your Table

The goal is simple: connect folks to the farms that produce the food they eat. How does Fables accomplish this task? By cooking up delicious meals using local, organic meat, dairy and produce. The key to cooking good food, is, quite simply, using good ingredients. 

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A Fork in the Road

Amanda parted ways with Fables in late 2016, and moved to New York state to settle down with her new family, leaving Fables with a immediate question: where do we go from here? That answer came in the form of Cassie's own significant other, Josh Dissell, when she brought him on as sous chef and confectioner.  As an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer, his artistic flair and eye for detail pairs excellently with his love for baking. 

The Adventure Continues

With each passing season there is always something to learn, and in turn, to teach to others. New flavors to explore and beloved recipes to develop. There remains hope that, in the not-to-distant future, the tides of change will roll back the waves of industrialized food, in favor of more decentralized, local, and more sustainable farming practices, and that Fables may, in some significant way, do our part to bring about this delicious and nutritious reality.   



Cassie Lycan - Head Chef & Owner

Cassie graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY with an Associates in Culinary Arts and Bachelors in Hospitality Management. Born and raised just South of Gainesville, FL in the sleepy, picturesque town of Micanopy, she was steeped in all things southern, especially cuisine. 

She spends most of her free time with her husband, combing through antique stores, perusing her ever-growing culinary library, and foraging for wild edibles. 


How did we come up with our name, Fables Catering & Such?

Farm to Table...Farms + Tables = Fables!  A perfect fit considering our passion for bringing wholesome, locally sourced food to your tables! 

And Such? That's because we do more than just cater weddings, luncheons, and brunches; we also provide informative and interactive cooking classes, as well as vending for festivals, parades, and other events.