Fables Catering & Such

Chef owned Gainesville, Florida custom catering company specializing in local sustainable food, farm to table dinners, cooking classes, weddings, business meetings, luncheons, dinners and celebrations of all kinds.

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Josh Dissell 

Josh Dissell is responsible for all of Fables' artwork, design, and photography. He is a wonderful asset to the team, and we are lucky to have paired up with an artist who shares our passion for local, sustainable fare.

 Born in 1984, Josh has been pursuing his artistic endeavors for most of his life.  Never one to limit himself, he has achieved a high level of skill in a number of artistic styles, as well as different media. Besides more traditional media, such as drawing, painting, and photography, he has done extensive work in print-making, silk-screening, 3D-sculpture, and even puppetry. It seems no discipline is out of reach in his desire to grow as an artist. Always striving to discover new paths toward self-expression, he hurls himself (sometimes at his own peril) headlong into more new projects, each providing a new opportunity to expand his talents.