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Chef owned Gainesville, Florida custom catering company specializing in local sustainable food, farm to table dinners, cooking classes, weddings, business meetings, luncheons, dinners and celebrations of all kinds.

Our Friends

We believe that food tastes best when it is seasonal, local and sustainable. This is why we source as much as possible from local purveyors that we call friends. We are happy to source from your favorite farms for your event. Know of a farm that's not on the list? Please send us an email, we would be happy to partner with more local purveyors.

The Family Garden

The Family Garden has been in operation since 2007. Initially located in Bell, the farm relocated to Gainesville, Florida in 2015. Jordan Brown grows Certified FAIR & Organic fruits and vegetables selling both wholesale to local restaurants and other businesses in North Florida and direct to consumers at the Alachua County Farmers Market and through a Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, program.

The Family Garden, or TFG,  grows with dignity and respect for the land and the people who care for your food by following practices outlined by the National Organic Standards and the Food Justice Certification Guidelines; organic farming can benefit not only the farmer and the consumer, but also the the land and the people who tend to it.

The Family Garden has established itself as a leader in the sustainable agriculture community in Florida. It is Certified Organic and is the only Food Justice Certified Farm in the South. This certification ensures the FAIR treatment of workers, so the employees at The Family Garden make a living wage and have rights that other agricultural workers are often denied.  

For more info please visit their website at http://www.thefamilygardencsa.com/

Siembra Farm

Siembra Farm is a small, USDA Certified Organic family farm located in southeast Gainesville, Florida.  They offer a weekly CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) membership that gives the consumer a direct connection to the food they eat and allows the farmer to prioritize sustainable farming techniques and maximum nutrition.  They strive to grow food that is nutritious and natural while practicing sustainable small scale farming techniques that preserve soil, air and  water.  At Siembra Farm, they believe strongly in food accessibility.  That is, everyone regardless of economic status, race, gender etc., has the right to nutritious food.  They want to get a fair price for their organic vegetables but they also want all people, regardless of income, to be able to afford to eat well.

For more info please visit their website at http://www.siembrafarm.com/

Swallowtail Farm

Swallowtail Farm is a diverse, small scale, family farm located North of Alachua, along a fertile ridge of highland soil that crests the spine of Florida. The farm is crafted as a model of sustainability and fine land stewardship, with a focus on appropriate scale, conservation of resources, and nature-produced fertility. They specialize in raising mixed veggies, cut flowers, and livestock, and abstain from using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. They offer seasonal long shares (CSA), farmers market sales, monthly farm to table dinners, educational workshops & festivals, apprenticeship & volunteer opportunities, and much more. They continually strive to reconcile economic sustainability in a way that nurtures their soil, plants, animals, and people. Their goal is reconnect community members to good food.  

For more info please visit their website at http://www.swallowtailcsa.com/                                                                                      

Frog Song Organics

Co-founders John Bitter and Amy Van Scoik started Frog Song Organics in the fall of 2011. Their mission is to produce nutritious food for our community and create meaningful employment opportunities. They also aim to demonstrate that farming can be accomplished with the “triple bottom line” – with respect to our human, ecological and economic resources.

Frog Song started with help from family, friends and neighbors, working in trade for food. Over the past five years, they have grown from two planted acres to managing over sixty acres.  They are located in eastern Alachua County about 30 minutes from the University of Florida in Gainesville. They grow over eighty different types of produce, herbs, fruits and flowers. They grow mainly in the field and also in several greenhouses/hoophouses. Everything is grown in soil for real flavor, they do not use any hydroponics. They also raise laying hens for eggs and have recently started a pastured pork program for their CSA members. They also produce value-added goods such as jams and fermented foods like kimchi and pickles. Their farm, and all of their fresh produce, is certified organic by Quality Certification Services.  They have been certified organic since 2012.

For more info please visit their website at http://frogsongorganics.com/

Crones Cradle Conserve

Crones Cradle Conserve is a 756 acre ecological preserve and education center located in Marion County, thirty-five miles southeast of Gainesville, an area of increasing sprawl and development. Sustainability is the underlying theme of all the Conserve’s endeavors. The Conserve seeks to retain as much as possible the existing flora and fauna in its natural state within Conserve boundaries. Less than 100 acres are being used for human purposes. The ultimate priority of the Conserve is protecting and appreciating the earth before carrying out any of its “people-related” ventures. This approach is the only way to achieve sustainability for farming, for the local community and for the planet, emphasizes Jeri Baldwin, co-founder with Deborah Light of Sag Harbor, New York of the Conserve.

For more info please visit their website at http://cronescradleconserve.org/

Rainbow Star Farm

Rainbow Star is a 3-acre farm that offers a variety of fresh produce as well as free range, naturally fed eggs to the city of Gainesville, FL and surrounding areas. Locally run and operated for over 30 years.

Rainbow Star Farms is built off the values of family, community and the obligation to contribute to our society's well-being. Because of these fundamentals Rainbow Star practices organic methods and is pesticide free. 

For more info please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rainbowstarfarm/

Possum Hollow Farm

Possum Hollow's family farm has been selling at local farmers markets since 1992. Absolutely everything that they sell is produced on their farm in Alachua. In addition to a wide array of unusual vegetables, herbs and cut flowers, they grow chestnuts, blackberries, pineapples, starfruit, pears and persimmons. They also manage a flood-plain forest and extensive hedgerows for beneficial insects. Both of these contain many species of rare and endangered native plants, most of which were propagated and planted by Possum Hollow.

To summarize their farming techniques: They use no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. They do not use plastic mulch. They do not use factory farm manure. Every field gets two cover crops per year. Long term crops, ie. elephant garlic, are co-cropped with a green mulch crop. They use one application of conventional mineral-based fertilizer prior to planting. Weeds are controlled by hand or hoe.

For more info please visit their page on the Haile Market website at http://www.hailefarmersmarket.com/possum-hollow/

Archer Market Garden

Everyone knows vegetables are good for you, but how do you pack even more nutrients into your green stuff? The answer is simple : Eat it when it's small. Paul and Mary Hauser of Archer Market Garden discovered that secret four years ago when they moved up from south Florida and started their microgreens operation in Archer. "We thought we would grow a little of everything," Mary Said. "But we realized there's quite a niche in what we we're doing.

What they’re doing is microgreens, which look and taste very similar to sprouts you see at the grocery store, but they are different in a variety of ways. Sprouts are grown in water exclusively. When you eat them, you’re consuming the roots, stems and seeds of the tiny sprout, and they only have a three day shelf life. Microgreens, on the other hand, are grown in soil, are clipped from their roots before you eat them, and last about a week in the fridge. Though they are not certified organic, Archer Market Garden microgreens are grown from organic seed in organic soil.

For more info please visit their website at http://www.archermarketgarden.com/

Deep Springs Farm

Deep Spring Farm is an owner operated, incremental, direct to consumer, practicing organic operation with a big picture mission: practice agriculture to improve the health of people and biodiverse species within the Santa Fe river watershed, flowing into the Suwannee River, the Gulf of Mexico, and beyond. The farm aims for sustainability, practicing organic agriculture methods with zero chemical inputs. Their  goal is to have something delicious to U pick year round. As an aspiring destination farm, they advocate for people’s right to relax deeply in nature, eat real food and enjoy gatherings of good company. Michael and Leela Robinson established the farm in 2014 in Alachua County, Florida.  They have amazing blueberries.

For more info please visit their website at http://www.deepspringfarm.com/

Shovel & Seed Farmstead

Shovel and Seed Farmstead is not quite a farm, but more than a homestead. Owner Lane Harris states, "We are motivated by flavor. We want every bite to tantalize the senses. We’ve realized that the only way to achieve incredibly flavored food is to have an incredibly vibrant soil and that’s what we focus on most here at the farmstead.

The way we go about creating this vibrant soil is simple, just follow nature. So we deep mulch and rotate animals. Plant in guilds and incorporate the annuals. We encourage diversity and recycle our “waste”, in order to create that phenomenal taste. It’s all about the soil and its encouraging health, that’s where our farm invests in our wealth." 

Lola Farm and Gardens

LFG is dedicated to the preservation of the rare heritage swine breed, Gloucestershire Old Spots. Lola Farms and Gardens is named for and dedicated to Lola Dekle, grandmother of the farm's owner, Kimberly Bryan Ruessler."She loved the outdoors and always had a successful and beautiful Spring veggie garden.  Her flower beds were full of color and gorgeous. She was constantly in the garden pulling weeds and tending to her flowers.  I feel her presence with me every time I am working in either the vegetable garden or the flower garden, so we felt it was fitting to name the farm in her honor." 

Also found on their farm are goats, like the Oberhasli, which produce high-quality, nutrient-dense milk, used to supplement the pigs' diet.

Fore more info please visit their website at http://lolafarms.com/

Tracy Lee Farms

Tracy Lee Farms is a local organically based farm committed to the belief of providing healthy food for the community and a natural environment for their animals.They are based in Hawthorne, FL and  raise grass fed beef, pastured heritage pork, and chicken.

For more info please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Tracy-Lee-Farms-LLC-735614359823684/


Mt. Citra Farm

Mt. Citra Organic Farm is situated on 6-acres in the beautiful Citra, Florida. As a family owned and operated farm, Mt. Citra Organic Farm is USDA Certified Organic and offers a variety of non gmo produce.

Among the many varieties of produce grown, Mt. Citra Organic Farm offers  fruit trees, starter plants, free range poultry, heritage pork,duck and eggs. They do not use antibiotics or hormones, and never use herbicides, pesticides or petroleum-based fertilizers on our plants and produce. 

For more info please visit their website at https://www.mtcitrafarm.com/

Seely's Ark

Seely's Ark is a commercial rabbitry and free range pastured heritage chicken farm. They also function as a processing facility. 

For more info please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Seelys-Ark-427920943926833/

Beulah Honey

Locally produced right here in Gainesville, FL, Beulah Honey makes raw, all natural Gallberry, Orange Blossom and Sourwood honey. Their hives are located on farms in and around Alachua county, and help pollinate crops as they collect the different types of pollen they use to produce honey. They can be found at the Union Street farmers market on Wednesdays, where they also produce 100% pure beeswax,which they make into beautiful candles. 

For more info please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BeulahHoney/

This Lil' Piggy Farm

This Lil' Piggy Farm is (1)one of (7) Seven pig farms in the state of Florida to be AWA Certified, as well as USDA Approval. Their focus is to bring awareness to the benefits of humane farming. They follow strict humane rules. "Pigs are allowed to be pigs!" They specialize in 4-H and FFA sales for the state of Florida, as well as educational tours. They also offer meat packages. 

For more info please visit their website at http://lilpiggy.webs.com/

Wainwright Dairy Farm

Wainwright dairy is a family owned and operated dairy striving to bring natural dairy products locally to north Florida. They start with raw milk and make their cheese naturally. Their milk is pasteurized only because they are required to do so by state and federal regulations. They do not homogenize the milk because it is better for you and so that your body can digest it properly. As their logo states, they are striving to produce milk and cheese as close to "the way God intended."

Wainwright Dairy has over 300 acres of fresh grass growing year round to feed our cows in addition to where the cows are pastured. Their grass is cut for either silage, hay or green chop. Their cows enjoy being out in the fields and are milked twice daily. They use no hormones or antibiotics in their cows.

For more info please visit their website at http://wainwrightdairy.com/

Cypress Point Creamery

A local dairy farm in the heart of north central Florida, Cypress Point produces hand made artisan cheeses. They begin with Jersey cow milk, which is high in fat content, and pasteurize the old fashioned way, never exceeding 145F. Some of their premiered cheeses include Magnolia, a smooth and creamy Gouda style cheese, and Loblolly, a Tomme style cheese that is semi-soft and nutty. They also produce their own Cream Top Milk, which is low-temp pasteurized and non-homogenized. "You won't find a sweeter milk on the market!" 

For more info please visit their website at http://cypresspointcreamery.com/

Wild Man Foods

Wild Man Foods offers paleo products for modern people. They specialize in local and sustainably harvested nutrient-dense foods such as wild and pastured meat, responsibly harvested local seafood, foul/birds raised on a GMO-free diet. They also offer wild fruits, nuts, mushrooms and other forageables.

For more info please visit their website at http://www.wildmanfoods.org/

Sweetwater Coffee

Sweetwater Organic Coffee Company is Florida's premier USDA certified organic coffee roasting company. They source the world's finest specialty grade organic and fairly traded shade grown Arabica coffees and artisan roast fresh daily to order in Gainesville, FL for exceptional coffee that makes a difference. Partnering with small-scale coffee farmers and trying their best to showcase their hard work, they are one of the few certified organic fair trade roasters in Gainesville, Florida.

They offer both Single Origin beans, such as the Guatemala Full City Roast, which exhibits intermingling flavors of creamy caramel, toasted nuts, milk chocolate, and fresh orange zest, as well as blends, such as the local favorite Good Morning Gainesville, a harmonious breakfast blend of Colombia and Peru shade grown organic coffee beans blended in a Full City Roast, with sweet milk chocolaty flavor and bright start, with a smooth, nutty finish.

For more info please visit their website at https://www.sweetwaterorganiccoffee.com/ 

The Tempeh Shop 

The Tempeh Shop was founded in 1985 by Jose Caraballo. Jose first learned about tempeh from The Farm, a community in Tennessee. He began making tempeh for his friends and it quickly grew in popularity among the Gainesville community. Jose pioneered the process and invented the equipment to make a small local tempeh shop a reality. The Tempeh Shop now serves many restaurants around Florida.

For more info please visit their website at https://www.tempehshop.com/

Wards Supermarket

Ward’s Supermarket is one of the only locally-owned and operated grocery stores in Gainesville. Their family has been committed to providing the best selection, quality, and prices for more than 50 years. They offer a bountiful array of fresh local produce, seafood, meat, baked goods, beer,  and wine, as well as a wide selection of homeopathic remedies, essential oils, and botanical blends. From dairy to coffee to soap to shampoo, they've got what you're looking for, made right here in our community.

For more info please visit their website at https://wardsgainesville.com/


Northwest Seafood

Since 1981, Northwest Seafood Inc. has built a reputation for bringing the highest quality, freshest seafood in North Central Florida to their customers. Their priority is to always put people first, and they make that happen with a knowledgeable, experienced team and a selection of fresh, locally sourced seafood that’s fairly priced and naturally healthy. With a selection featuring sushi-grade salmon, wild-caught Gulf grouper, tuna, fresh shrimp, and so much more, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for and discover something new, too. they know the captains and fishermen behind most of the fish they sell, and you’ll taste that freshness in every bite you take.

For more info please visit their website at  http://northwestseafood.com/

The Vine Bakery

"The Vine," as we call it, is an artisan bakery with a flare for simplicity. They believe that our food should have an ingredient list that is short and recognizable. They also believe in the ability to stand behind those ingredients. Dean has been cooking for over 15 years in Gainesville and has honed his skills enough to be able put that belief to practice.  Thir bread and pasta are made from freshly milled flour with no genetically modified ingredients. The bread is made with a natural leaven which has been cared for over a long period of time. Slowing down the bread making process gives it more flavor. It's also healthier. The only ingredients in their bread are flour, filtered water and Himalayan salt. Their pasta is made from organic durum flour which gives it the best possible quality, then hand rolled, making for an exceptionally tender "al dente" bite.

For more info please visit their website at https://vinegainesville.com/

Uppercrust Bakery

 Uppercrust Bakery is an artisan bakery, all of whose products are made by hand on the premises and presented on the day they are made or baked.  They try to present breads, croissants, pastries, and bistro foods that are just delicious and whose textures are wonderful.

They offer a full wine-tasting every Saturday, 12 - 4 pm.  They select a weekly theme and feature wines from a small coterie of very special wine importers, as well as a sampling of their own bakery products.  

They feature an assortment of gift options including interesting French glassware, linens, fetching hand-made olde-fashioned European cooky molds, ceramics, luxury food products, and unusual wines.  They can also custom-create a gift basket to your liking.

For more info please visit their website at http://www.uppercrustproductions.com/


BakerBaker is a small, family-run wholesale bakery locatedin Gainesville, Florida. They specialize in handmade, from-scratch breakfast and dessert pastries which are all prepared using traditional techniques. Wherever possible, they source their fresh ingredients (like fruit and dairy products) directly from local farmers and suppliers.

They take great pride in providing the businesses of Gainesville with the highest quality baked items available while keeping their prices as fair as possible for everyone.

Their pastries are available at all Opus Coffee locations in the Shands/UF Health complexes and in the IT Pro TV building on Tower Road. Their products are also available at Pascal’s Coffeehouse and Sweet Berries Frozen Custard & Eatery in Midtown Gainesville, at Fiore’s Sweet Cupin Haile Plantation, and on the weekend at Saboré Restaurant and Alpin Bistro.

For more info please visit their website at http://bakerbaker.net/